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Johnathan Elmore

The No Bull$#!t Wine Book by Johnathan Elmore

The No Bull$#!t Wine Book by Johnathan Elmore

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Have you ever been in a wine shop and discovered the clerk knew less about wine than you? Have you ever been afraid to ask for a Gewurztraminer at a restaurant because you didn't know how to pronounce it? Have you just wanted to try something new, but you had no idea what it tasted like? Fortunately, you found this square book. The No Bull$#!t Wine Book will help you become a savvier wine drinker by offering some pronunciations, descriptions, dumb humor, and cool pictures. Let this realistic and slightly irreverent wine guide help you become the wino you were born to be. Cheers!

About the Author

Jonathan Elmore has worked with wine in one way or another for the last 25 years. He's been a part of restaurants, retail stores, wholesale companies, vineyards, wineries, and one Renaissance Fair. There isn't a facet of winemaking and wine drinking that he hasn't had his hand in. With all of that work experience, he has sampled some of the best wines in the world and some of the crappiest wines in the world. More importantly, he's learned to be able to tell the difference between the two. Being a part of the underbelly of the wine world, he has observed how self-important some people act when they're talking about wine. He should know, he used to be one of them. Fed up with that amount of snobbery, Jonathan developed a desire to make wine less of a mysterious elixir and more of a casual beverage that all of us can enjoy. Making wine uncomplicated for the average wine drinker has become his goal and with this book, he hopes to have hit the mark

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