This Is The Oil Tree

 A New Online Concept by The Oil Tree of Oklahoma City

Welcome to Oklahoma City's premier destination for Ultra-Premium, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Beautifully Aged Balsamic Vinegars & Gourmet Groceries never before seen in the area. Whether you're looking to experience the health benefits and extraordinary taste found in one of our ultra-premium, extra virgin olive oils, or you'd like to try one of the many gourmet spices, pastas or sauces we source, you've found the only store in Oklahoma City that prides itself in providing these rare items at an affordable cost.

How It All Began

Maggie Peterson was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Throughout the years Maggie has developed close relationships with many small-batch producers from the east and west coasts. After discovering the fraud and lack of “truth in labeling” in the U.S. food industry, she knew she had to take a stand. Maggie decided to center her efforts on the Olive Oil trade. Her mission was formed: educate the public on “truth in labeling” while bringing customers quality, artisan goods. 


The Shocking Truth

Did you know up to 50% of supermarket "extra virgins" are mislabeled and made to appear as a higher quality product than tests indicate? We guarantee that all "extra virgins" sold in our store not only meet, but often surpass all current USDA / FDA standards. Experience the superior flavor and remarkable health benefits found in guaranteed premium quality olive oils - make our products and staple in your pantry.

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