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"Peanuts" Short Stack Vol. 26

"Peanuts" Short Stack Vol. 26

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"Peanuts" Short Stack Vol. 26

For most of us, the peanut operates more as a childhood snack or a condiment in the kitchen rather than as the centerpiece of a meal. But the reason for Steven Satterfield’s attraction to the legume becomes apparent through recipes like Peanut Pasta with Broccoli & Peanut Breadcrumbs and Roasted Delicata Squash with Peanut-Sesame-Squash-Seed Dukkah (see the recipe on the New York Times)—which demonstrates that this nutrient-dense ingredient is as versatile and self-contained as our most relied-upon staples, such as eggs or rice.

About the Author

Steven Satterfield is the executive chef and co-owner of Miller Union, an award-winning, seasonally driven restaurant located in Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood. Since opening in 2009, the restaurant has received various honors and been named one of America’s best restaurants by Eater, Bon AppetitFood & WineEsquire and the James Beard Foundation. In 2015, Satterfield released his first cookbook, Root to Leaf, to broad critical acclaim. Satterfield’s dedication to seasonal cooking and his unwavering support for local farmers is the driving philosophy behind his restaurant and everything he does.

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