Nebraska Candle


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Nebraska Candle

Close your eyes and you are back in the open space of Nebraska. We captured the Cornhusker State with top notes of fresh lemon aid and bergamont with subtle undertones of rose floral notes, cedarwood patchouli and finishes with just a bit of spicy tonka bean.

The Homesick Story

We love coming home. The idea of “home” means many different things to all of us—a home-cooked meal simmering in the pot, the smell of the tide rolling out, or crisp snow on pine trees. This big, beautiful country is home to more than fifty incredible experiences across each and every state. Homesick Candle’s goal was to capture what makes every state so unique and hand-pour that into a custom candle that immediately brings back those wonderful feelings of being home, finally. We started hand-pouring candles in our kitchen in Westchester, NY as a hobby; crafting scents that reminded us of the people and places we loved. Every candle is made with a lot of passion right here in the US using only the best materials—from our all-natural soy wax to our custom fragrance oils and premium cotton wicks. Everyone at Homesick is working hard, every day, to perfect the scent of each state to create the authentic feeling of home, wherever you may be. Fill your house with home, anywhere in the world. PRODUCT DETAILS: Hand poured in small batches Fully sourced and produced in the USA Made from all natural soy wax domestically sourced Premium cotton wick free from any lead or plastics Custom fragrance oils Paraben, petroleum and phthalate free 13.75 oz with burn time of 60-80 hours