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Finex Cast Iron

FINEX Grill Pan

FINEX Grill Pan

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FINEX Grill Pan

Perfect cast iron grilling results—indoors and out. Best used with any heat source. True BBQ-width grill ribs give you the best cross-hatch grill marks whether on the stove, grill or over the coals. Great for steaks, chops and salmon—it was made for the reverse seared steak technique. Introduce your holiday meals to the comfort and ease of grilling in your kitchen.

12" Grill Pan If you are serious about grilling this pan provides professional BBQ results on any heat source. Every grill rib is individually machined and polished to minimize sticking and cleaning. Each pan is pre-seasoned and precision assembled. A FINEX 12” Twin Spring grill pan is the next best thing to a personal BBQ shack.

10" Grill Pan The No. 10 Grill Pan (nicknamed “Grillet” for its skillet style handle) is almost a foot of hand crafted premium cast iron designed to grill, sear or blacken your favorite meats or vegetables. Cast iron is at its best when retaining and transferring heat and the 10” grill pan is no exception.

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