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Featured Flavor Pairing

Featured Flavor Pairing

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Chipotle Infused Olive Oil

A slow heat, with a smokiness that sticks around. Create an instant classic by drizzling this oil on anything that is destined for the grill. Flawless when used to prime meat. Spice up your next barbecue by including this oil in your meat marinades, potato salad, and even corn on the cob.

Honey Ginger Aged White Balsamic

Spicy, pungent ginger is coupled with honey to produce this white balsamic vinegar. Use to add a gingery kick to Asian-style dishes, salad dressings, and desserts. Fantastic in stir fries when paired with soy sauce, lime juice, and a few drops of toasted sesame oil. Drizzle on pears and blue cheese and toss with arugula, chicory, or radicchio for a robust salad. For a delicious phyllo dough tartlet, mix with a soft goat cheese and fresh peaches, wrap in dough, and bake.

Dark Toasted Sesame Oil 

Due to the slow browning process of the sesame seeds, this oil has an immense depth of flavor. Only a few drops are needed to adequately flavor a dish: so use sparingly! Matchless when used for beef, chicken, or vegetable stir fry. Add Asian flair to salad dressings with ease.

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