Carnivore Cooking for Cool Dudes

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Paperback - Cook Book /Barbecue & Grilling. The carnivore diet has emerged as an extremely compelling and scientifically validated strategy to drop excess body fat quickly, heal from assorted autoimmune, inflammatory, and leaky gut conditions, and dramatically elevate the nutrient density of your diet. Meet three cool dudes—Brad, Brian and William—health experts who walk their talk, enjoy life, perform magnificent athletic feats, and are nice to their wives. They will help you sort through the hype and misinformation about carnivore dispensed by closed minded, uncool, floppy naysayers, and understand the right way to implement a nose-to-tail carnivore eating strategy featuring a strategic variety of sustainably raised animal foods like grassfed meat, pastured eggs, and wild-caught seafood. Enjoy over 100 carnivore-friendly recipes that are quick, delicious, and satiating, and fitness and lifestyle tips to help support your dietary transition.