Maine Sea Salt

Maine Sea Salt

Founded in 1998 by Sharon and Steve Cook, Maine Sea Salt Company had its start selling handcrafted sea salt to local fisherman.

     Their first product was packaged in an envelope with handwritten instructions. After selling at local farmer’s markets, Sharon and Steve gained many loyal customers. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, but still retains its artisan touch. Maine Sea Salt now sells their products all over the United States, but the original salt making process remains the same.

The founders of Maine Sea Salt, Sharon and Steve Cook.


Sea water is brought into greenhouses from Buck's Harbor, Maine and is evaporated in a series of pools within greenhouses.

     The sun heats the air within the greenhouse, increasing the temperature, causing the water to evaporate. The first house allows the seawater to settle and reduces the water content to obtain 50% salinity. After filtering, the same process occurs in the next houses until the water reaches 70% salinity.

An evaporating pool in one of the greenhouses.
Rows of greenhouses for making natural sea salt.

Throughout this process, Maine Sea Salt remains natural; it is never heat treated, and drying agents are never added.

     The highly saline water is then pumped to the finishing house, where the pool fully evaporates, leaving behind all-natural sea salt. The sea salt is arranged in piles to ensure that any remaining water between salt crystals is fully evaporated. From there, the salt is ground and placed between linen towels to release excess moisture.


Salt drying in piles after water has evaporated.
Steve Cook shows off the finished product—natural Maine sea salt, fresh from the sea.
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