Traditional Olive Oil Mustard


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Traditional Olive Oil Mustard

Sutter Buttes Traditional Olive Oil Mustard originates from an old Polish family recipe. Sutter Buttes has added their California Extra Virgin Olive Oil to their traditional recipe to create a smooth, versatile condiment. Use in your chicken or potato salad dressings, or spread on your favorite sandwich.

Sutter Buttes Story

A creative, world-class taste has blossomed in the agricultural heartland of Northern California. Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Company pushed through the surface in 2009 and is swiftly earning a reputation for its innovative line of handcrafted gourmet products. Behind this refined harvest of gourmet accompaniments are owners Alka Kumar and Arek Kazmierczak. Their flair for creating the perfect combinations of taste and texture begins, in their words, “with everything we love from our upbringing and family.” Brought up to appreciate the value of food in family life, Alka and Arek have travelled extensively to bring home more of the world’s finest flavors—the sweet, the savory, the spicy, and the just plain “wow!” Combine these food-wise travelers with a commitment to fresh, regional ingredients, and up springs Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Company.