Toasted Sweet Onion Crackers

Vendor: Hope Springs Gourmet Foods Type: Flatbreads and Crackers

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Toasted Sweet Onion Crackers

This Enchanting cracker pairs well with cheese, salads, pasta salads, dips, soups, stews, salads, cheese boards, base for hors d’oeuvres. Ideal replacement for recipes using bread crumbs.

Cheese Pairings: This cracker pairs well with any kind of cheese, especially Havarti, Gruyere, Gouda, White Cheddar, Queso Fresco, Edam, Baby Swiss, Colby or your favorite cheese.

Wine Pairings: This cracker pairs well with Dry Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pino Blanc, Chardonnay, or your favorite medium bodied whites.

Hope Springs Gourmet Foods Story

Founder and CEO, Vivian Lea, born in a long line of great cooks, combined her passion for cooking with a personal desire to compliment her soup with an equally tantalizing cracker. Vivian experimented with flavor combinations that she shared with her friends. Vivian’s friends enjoyed them so much that they encouraged her to share her crackers with the public. They knew that what she had made was something more than an ordinary cracker. ​ ​Developing recipes for years, Vivian finds cooking to be therapeutic. And now, she has added crumbs, dip mixes and spice blends to her product line and is proud to share with you!