Tahiti DUO Autumn


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Tahiti DUO Autumn

The monochrome hues of these two-mill pairs follow the natural cycle of the four seasons. First comes autumn, with a tasty and flamboyant orange theme. A trendy, elegant and sophisticated combination which leave no doubt which is the salt and which the pepper. In lacquered wood with a matte finish, this French-made duo, with its lifetime limited guarantee, is beautifully subtle and soft to the touch, in keeping with today’s love of nature and demand for authenticity.

The Peugeot Story

Peugeot Saveurs is located in the town Quingey near Besançon, in the French region of Doubs. With about 130 employees, the company is proud to make the world’s most celebrated spice mills. From research and development to manufacturing, the Peugeot Saveurs factory is where the wood is turned, then varnished or painted; where our exclusive spice-specific mechanisms are cut with pin-point accuracy, then assembled and fitted.