Spicy Green Olive Tapenade


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Spicy Green Olive Tapenade

This Provençal spread traditionally includes finely chopped olives along with aromatic herbs and Olive oil. This one is decidedly Californian. The freshest ingredients and exquisite taste is why McEvoy Ranch hand-selected this tapenade for you. It is sensational when spooned over grilled beef or fish, tossed with bucatini pasta, or served with crusty bread.

The McEvoy Ranch Story

A renegade approach and a love of the land inspired our Founder Nan McEvoy to purchase this 550-acre sprawling ranch in West Marin County in 1990. Inspired by her love of Tuscan olive oil, Nan engaged Dr. Maurizio Castelli, a leading authority on agriculture, to recommend the best olive varieties for our unique setting. Fast-forward twenty years and McEvoy Ranch is one of the preeminent leaders in certified organic, extra virgin olive oil. A favorite of chefs – both at home and in restaurants that favor the farm-to-table approach.