Sour Cream and Onion Popcorn Seasoning

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This product is Gluten Free
This product is Sugar Free

Sour Cream and Onion Popcorn Seasoning

If you like Sour Cream and Onion you'll love this seasoning. Use it on your favorite Amish Country popcorn. You can put it on fries or baked potato, even on your veggies! Try it today.

The Amish Country Popcorn Story

In 1965 in the 'Amish Country' community of Berne, Indiana, Roy Lehman planted a small plot of popcorn for his six year old son, Brian. Brian then began supplying his family with popcorn. He even remembers carrying popcorn to school, with his sixth grade teacher being one of his most loyal customers. As he finished high school, he wanted to stay on the family farm. His dad suggested he go from planting an acre of popcorn to planting twenty-five acres–and that is how it all started. Forty-seven years later, Brian is still in the popcorn business. Through the years, Brian has found that there are many types of popcorn, as well as different qualities of popcorn. He has also found that no two people are alike and therefore not everyone will prefer the same type of popcorn. Brian offers thirteen different types of popcorn each of the highest quality to satisfy the taste of the individual customer. We encourage you to try several of our popcorns and to decide for yourself.