Smoke And Barrels Maple Syrup Collection

Vendor: Runamok Maple Type: Sweet Spreads and Preserves
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Smoke And Barrels Maple Syrup Collection

This collection offers a sampling of Runamok Maple's popular barrel-aged syrups plus the smoked. Most people can’t decide which barrel-aged they like best, and to compliment them, Runamok Maple included the Pecan Wood Smoked Maple Syrup.

Contains: 60ml bottles of Smoked with Pecan Wood Organic Maple Syrup, Rum Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup and Whiskey Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup 

The Runamok Maple Story

Runamok Maple is located in northern Vermont, along the western slopes of Mount Mansfield. Spanning 1,100 acres in Cambridge and 250 acres in Fairfield, our crew taps 81,000 trees to bring you one of Mother Nature’s most exquisite pleasures: pure maple syrup.