Salty Chocolate Caramels

Vendor: Jacobsen Salt Co. Type: Sweets

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Salty Chocolate Caramels

Like salt, chocolate has a rich history—nearly 3,000 years of it to be precise. In its earliest incarnations it was prepared as a beverage, both cold and hot, and was believed to impart courage and wisdom. The Aztecs and the Mayans both valued chocolate so highly they used it as currency. To create a modern incarnation that honors these lofty origins, we’ve combined the delicious, mythical qualities of chocolate with butter, sugar, heavy cream, and ample amounts of our hand-harvested sea salt. The result is a smooth and rich dark chocolate caramel with the distinct notes of Jacobsen Sea Salt that lace all our candies. We can’t claim that our Salted Chocolate Caramels will make you wiser, but we do think they are smart decision.

The Jacobsen Salt Co. Story

Harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, Jacobsen Salt Co.’s flake and kosher sea salts have gained much critical acclaim for their beautiful and pure taste, texture, and appearance, and are used by chefs and home cooks around the world.We are proud to be the leader in the emerging vanguard of American Saltmakers, as well as first company to harvest salt in the Paci c Northwest since Lewis and Clark. Founded in 2011 by Ben Jacobsen, JacobsenSalt Co. has experienced rapid, exponential growth and has since transformed from a local to a national brand. Our mission is grounded in craftsmanship and community, and our vision is to provide every American with the very best elemental cooking ingredients and pantry staples items - from hand-harvested sea salt, to single-origin honey, and all the derivative products in between. Every day our small but talented team strives to craft America’s nest elemental cooking ingredients, re-envision classic products and recipes, and create groundbreaking offerings and events that inspire consumers to cook, eat and live well.