Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spain

Vendor: The Oil Tree Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oils


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This product is Salt Free

-Robust Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil-

Country of origin: Spain
Crush Date: November 2019

The Melgarejo Family is one of the most decorated olive oil producers in the world. This visually stunning Picual is highly aromatic and floral. It displays prominent vegetal and savory tasting notes, with leafy greens. Very well balanced, a superb Picual.  

Biophenols: 478.6ppm FFA: 0.22 DAGs: 96.8 Squalene: 11,489.3
Oleic Acid: 76.7 Peroxide: 5.0 PPP: <1.0 A-Tocopherols: 320.6

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (as measured at time of crush):

Fruitiness: 5.0 | Bitterness: 4.0 | Pungency: 5.3

Learn more about the Melgarejo Estate here 

This is the best possible olive oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Taste and flavor have to be perfect. The level of acidity cannot exceed 0.8%. There are more than 700 olive varietals in the world, each with a distinct flavor profile and unique chemical and nutritional properties.  

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