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Designed for an effortless grate and easy storage in the kitchen. Multi spreadable sheets includes 2 stainless steel for perfect grating and 1 plastic designed to mash garlic or ginger. The protective box results in very stable nonslip handles. Designed for both left and right handed users. Compact multigrater tool for convenient food preparation.

The Lekue Story

Lekue is fun and practical; it’s design and functionality. Lekue products have revolutionized kitchens around the world, making them spaces for new food experiences and unique sensations. Blending flavors and textures; making recipes and trying them; all of this helps children and adults discover the pleasures of cooking at home. For Lekue, the traditional kitchen is a unique kitchen where new techniques can be incorporated to make our recipes easier, where new ideas are created that transform our daily menus and where everyone discovers how to create unique dishes in which shapes and colors seduce the most demanding palates.