Maine Hickory Smoked Sea Salt


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Maine Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked over a hickory fire for a clean smokey taste. Use Smoked Hickory Salt to make rubs or to add a smokey flavor to any meal. It's particularly good with red meats. We Hickory smoke the salt in small batches over a 8 hour period, being sure the temperature is just right and the salt is turned often to ensure all sides of the salt crystals are smoked evenly.

The Maine Sea Salt Story

Founded in 1998 by Sharon and Steve Cook, Maine Sea Salt Company had its start selling handcrafted sea salt to local fisherman. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, but still retains its artisan touch. Sea water is brought into greenhouses from Buck's Harbor, Maine and is evaporated in a series of pools. From there, the salt is ground and placed between linen towels to release excess moisture. Maine Sea Salt is all-natural: it is never heat treated, and drying agents are never added. Both Sharon and Steve stand by their product and hope you enjoy it!