Khorasan Creste Pasta

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Khorasan Creste Pasta

Creste di Gallo is a lot like penne, but way more fun to eat! Made with 100% Khorasan wheat flour, which is an ancient grain that is known for its nutty, buttery flavor.

Suggested Pairings: A fun pairing is braised chicken thigh with tomato and mushroom, finished with chopped celery leaf and pecorino. Also great with roasted tomato, olive oil and fresh herbs.

The Della Terra Pasta Story

Della Terra was inspired by the Great Plains of the American Midwest, meaning “of the earth”. Our artisanal pasta is made with durum wheat as well as other select specialty wheat varieties. It is here, in the Great Plains, that some of America’s best wheat is grown. This type of wheat forms the foundation for exceptional pasta. 

Our pasta is made in small batches; drawn through bronze dies to create a sauce gripping surface and slowly dried for up to 36 hours for a pleasant al dente bite.

Della Terra strives to create the highest quality pasta available, while respecting tradition and the constant pursuit of perfection. We truly enjoy the craft of making pasta.