Hot Honey Sauce


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Hot Honey Sauce

Bee Local Hot Honey is an irreplaceable condiment and powerful weapon in your culinary arsenal. What separates our Hot Honey from all others is our commitment to the quality of our core ingredients. Unlike our competitors, we start with single-origin, sustainably-produced Bee Local honey. No other Hot Honey product uses this type of premium honey as the foundation. From there we infuse the honey with Scorpion Chili Peppers (one of the world's hottest yet most flavorful peppers), and then balance it all out with a touch of vinegar. Our Bee Local Hot Honey brings a sweet, spicy, and addictive kick to your favorite foods: Fried Chicken, Ribs, Pizza, all manner of BBQ, Roasted Vegetables, Cheese, Fruit, Cocktails and Ice Cream. All other Hot Honeys pale in comparison. Try some today!

The Bee Local Story

Founded in 2011 by Damian Magista after discovering honey from hives in various urban neighborhoods he placed in his hometown of Portland Oregon have completely different flavor profiles, colors, and textures. Bee Local has since become a national brand, changing the face of honey production and sourcing. Unbeknownst to even the most savvy of food lovers, the world of bees, beekeeping and honey is in crisis. Despite what that cute little honey bear wants to tell you, not all honey is created equal. Practices such as “honey laundering,” predatory purchasing, and harsh conventional/commercial beekeeping are not only contributing to colony collapse disorder, but they are pushing smaller family beekeepers out of business, creating honey monopolies, and resulting in inferior, flavorless, and unhealthy honey on grocery store shelves across America.“It’s a watershed moment in the world of honey. But retailers, chefs, food processors, and consumers have the chance to make a difference.”That’s where Bee Local comes in. Our goal is to become the most trusted, transparent and tasty honey company in America – both producing and sourcing only the most sustainable, healthy and uniquely delicious honeys in the country – from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, to the Austin city limits, to the borough of Brooklyn.