Gnocchi Rustico

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Gnocchi Rustico

Our Gnocchi is shaped like a hollow, semi-opened grooved shell with a coarse exterior and a great, sauce holding interior. This shape is also known as "gnocchetti." This shape can easily be paired with sausage and chard or fontina-type cheese sauces.

The Della Terra Pasta Story

Della Terra means 'of the earth.' The artisanal pasta is made with organically grown durum wheat semolina and water. There are no preservatives or additives whatsoever. The pasta is a true representation of simplicity and respect for the quality of the ingredient and the traditional technique used to craft fine pasta. All the pasta is bronze die drawn, which gives the pasta a porous and coarse texture, allowing it to grip the sauce. That texture also has a unique mouthfeel and a wonderful bite. Before moving to Oklahoma, Chris Becker worked in New York City for some of the most highly acclaimed chefs in the country. Chris started his career in NYC as a prep cook and progressed through the ranks of these kitchens until he became a sous chef at Del Posto, which focused on all things pasta. During his time in New York, he worked under Mario Batali at Lupa, Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin, Gabriel Kreuther at The Modern, and both Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich at Del Posto. In Mario and Lidia’s restaurants, Chris developed an appreciation and understanding of the Italian approach to food and cuisine. It was under Chef Mark Ladner’s guidance in those kitchens that Chris developed a passion for fine food and pasta.