Gluten-Free Garlic Chive Rooster Comb


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This product is Gluten Free
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Gluten-Free Garlic Chive Rooster Comb


Aromatic garlic and chives contribute delicate flavors to this pasta. Simply drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, top with parmesan cheese, and serve alongside a glass of chilled white wine.

The Pappardelle Pasta Story

Our belief is that our handmade touch, together with superior recipes and ingredients and our intense focus on every detail of the production process, is what sets us apart. This was our founders’ core vision in 1984 and remains our guiding principle today. Our pasta makers have an intimate knowledge of every step of the time-honored tradition of making pasta: the flour, the added ingredients, the mixing and extruding, and finally, the drying process. Every one of our products has the touch and oversight of a pasta maker guiding it through the delicate craft of turning flour, water, and a variety of herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits into edible art—it takes one of our pasta makers well over a year to hone his or her skills and become a master dough maker. Even members of our packaging team must be carefully trained to assess quality and to handle our products delicately, as theirs is the last touch and chance to make sure every thing is perfect.