Garlic & Oil Couscous


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Our Mediterranean style, organic couscous is a uniquely delicious dish infused with roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Made from fluffy pearls of semolina durum wheat, it's packed with protein and fiber. Make it even more nutritious by adding chopped veggies, chili flakes, and our authentic Italian balsamic vinegar. What’s in it: organic couscous, roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil. What’s not in it: pesticides, additives or preservatives. It’s all good: This product is organic and non-GMO. Made in Italy. Ingredients: Organic parboiled long grain white rice, organic orzo pasta (organic durum wheat semolina), salt, organic dextrose, yeast extract (natural flavors), organic dehydrated garlic, organic onion powder, organic turmeric. Servings: 2, Serving size: 1/3 cup dry (65g).