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Finex Cast Iron

FINEX Grill Press

FINEX Grill Press

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Over four pounds of heavy-gauge, pre-seasoned cast iron topped with our stainless steel spring handle. Complete with either our machined smooth cooking surface or our famed ¼” tall grill ribs, the FINEX Flat and Grill Press delivers serious weight and premium cooking performance, no matter the heat source.’ The Flat & Grill Press are compatible with the following FINEX products:

  • 12” Skillet
  • All Grill Pans (10”, 12”, 15”)
  • Double Burner Griddle

FINEX Grill Press

Ideal for panini sandwiches, crispy vegetables or any food that requires a drier heat, the Grill Press leaves serious grill marks on anything it cooks.

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