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Everything you need to elevate your pantry to the next level.

This all-encompassing set is ideal for novice and first-rate cooks alike. Stock your pantry with these gourmet essentials, and you’ll be cooking like a Michelin chef in no time! From the basics to the more epicurean, this bundle’s got you covered.

This set includes:

60 ml White Truffle Oil The Oil Tree
60 ml Dark Toasted Sesame Oil The Oil Tree
Q Rub Seasoning Lillie's Q
Mixed Peppercorns Pepper Creek Farms
Maine Sea Salt Jar Maine Sea Salt
200 ml Mild Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil The Oil Tree
200 ml Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil The Oil Tree
200 ml Traditional Style Aged Dark Balsamic Vinegar The Oil Tree
Bee Cause Honey Savannah Bee Company
Honey Pump Savannah Bee Company
Stout Beer Mustard Wildly Delicious
Lemon Squeeze Lekue
* In the case of inventory constraints, equivalent product substitutions may occur