Party Cups



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Party Cups

Party Cups of light pastry ready to fill make entertaining easy. Use them with sweet or savory fillings. All natural light pastry cups. Cups can be filled and baked. Sweet Fillings: lemon curd, chocolate mousse, sauteed apples. Savory Fillings: smoked salmon & cream cheese, antipasto, chicken salad.

The Sable and Rosenfeld Story

The creation of Sable & Rosenfeld's Tipsy Olives, Tipsy Onions and Tipsy Cherries, three of the most innovative cocktail garnishes of the 1980s, quickly took over the party scene, as martinis, manhattans and gimlets were back in fashion, thereby strengthening the Sable & Rosenfeld brand. Our mission today, and since our beginning, is to provide high quality, zestfully delicious and easy to use condiments for everyday living.