Blueberry Spoon Fruit

Vendor: American Spoon Type: Sweet Spreads and Preserves

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Blueberry Spoon Fruit

Rubel Blueberries are one of the oldest domesticated varieties, a tiny dark-blue berry adapted from the wild. We heighten the full intense flavor of Michigan Rubels with concentrated wild blueberry juice to create our Blueberry Spoon Fruit, the perfect companion to pancakes and toasted English muffins.

The American Spoon Story

American Spoon handcrafts fruit preserves and condiments in small batches, capturing the singular flavors of exceptional fruits in every jar. Since 1982, we’ve been preserving fruit in our Petoskey, Michigan kitchen. After all these years, our crew of skilled cooks still prepares fruits by hand and cooks them with care in small-batch copper kettles. We work directly with a dedicated group of Michigan farmers who grow the varieties of fruits we love, varieties bred over generations specifically for their unparalleled taste and unique character. Our small company exists to find, capture, and preserve flavors you won’t find anywhere else. For almost thirty years, American Spoon has worked to build direct and personal relationships with Michigan fruit growers. By guaranteeing higher than market prices to the farmers whose fields and orchards we visit throughout the season, we are able to ensure the longevity of the varieties we love. We like to say that every taste tells a story, and without these committed farmers, the stories of our wonderful but demanding fruit varieties like the Red Haven Peach, the Early Glow Strawberry, the Damson Plum, the Rubel Blueberry and the Northern Spy Apple would soon be lost and forgotten.