Birichino, Cinsaut


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Here we have employed the same tirage method as our Malvasia Bianca Pet Nat, applied to fruit from the world's oldest cinsault/cinsaut vineyard, Bechthold, planted in 1886, and farmed organically without irrigation. In November of 2019, once a small lot of dry cinsaut rosé clarified satisfactorily, we added a smaller dose of fermenting cinsaut juice, and into the bottle it went. We have noted the transformational effect of second fermentation in our Malvasia Bianca Pet Nat; how the flavor elements do not change per se, though their proportions rearrange dramatically. The same phenomenon can be observed with Cinsaut, though with more radical displacements of expression. Our first effort in 2018 registered more strongly in the violet spectrum both aromatically and visually. This vintage is significantly more tropical, with a pleasing visual recapitulation of the aromatic suggestion of pink guava. And while the 2018 was known to gush at times like Old Faithful herself, the 2019 is subtly, and quite delicately fizzy - closer to vivace, a delightful signifier in the winemaking lexicon borrowed from musical notation which connotes “lively,” rather than explosive